#EdPolicy on Twitter (5/9/2016-5/16/2016): The emerging #educolor and #edequity topics

Using Twitter API, I retrieved 1,490 tweets containing the hashtag #EdPolicy posted over the last week from May 9th to 16th, 2016.


In comparison with the results of the frequency used hashtags in the proceeding week (5/2/2016—5/9/2016), the topics of #educolor and #edequity emerged last week (5/9/2016—5/16/2016).

The emerging #educolor topic is primarily because the Washington Post published yesterday (5/15/2016) an opinion piece titled “The Invisible Tax on Teachers of Color” by the U.S. Secretary of Education, John King. The tweets on this opinion piece has been retweeted many times.

The emerging #edequity topic comes from a string of media coverage on the inequities on many fronts of education.

Here is the #EdPolicy communication network on Twitter. Each node represents a Twitter user; each tie represents a mention or a reply in the tweets containing the hashtag #EdPolicy.


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